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Most people will experience damage to the surface (enamel) of their teeth at some point.

Teeth become cracked, chipped or discolored due to a whole host of reasons; large fillings which break, cavities left untreated, prior root canal, and trauma are some possible causes.

When the damage to the surface of a tooth becomes significant, the tooth needs to be protected to prevent further damage, a possible root canal or even loss of the tooth. The tooth is prepared and a custom-made tooth is bonded or cemented over the healthy tooth structure. Like a hat fitting on your head. This artificial tooth is called a "crown" or "cap".  Crowns can be made out of metal (we use gold), ceramic or porcelain, or a combination of metal and porcelain. Crowns can be used to fix single teeth or can be linked together to form bridges, structures that replace missing teeth.

When damage to the tooth extends to the foundation (root) of the tooth or below the bone, the tooth may need to be extracted. In these situations a bridge or dental implant may be  necessary to replace the tooth. Dr. Fergusson will discuss your treatment options with you after an initial examination.

Typically, the tooth is prepared, an impression is taken, a temporary is made, and the crown is fashioned in a dental laboratory by trained technicians to provide the same strength and appearance as a healthy tooth.

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