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Welcome to Real Dental Care

My name is Dr. Ninoska Fergusson

It is a true honor and pleasure to welcome you personally to our very cozy and humble dental office. Our mission is to genuinely provide you with dental treatment that is of the highest integrity without any pressure or obligation. Our approach is very simple and informal. When you first come in, we address only your primary concern. Then, it is up to you to decide when you want to proceed. As easy as that!!

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Gentle, Loving, Family, Responsible, Humble, Fun, Cozy and Kind.


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  • Testimonials: Sultan B
    Testimonials: Sultan B

    “I have never been a fan of going to the dentist, but my experience with Dr. Fergusson has been fantastic. Not only do I feel like I am family here, but the dental care has been superb (I am really loving my smile right now)...

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  • Testimonials: Ruth Sierra
    Testimonials: Ruth Sierra

    “Mi experiencia en el consultorio de la Dr.Ninoska, fue excelente, ella siempre me trata con mucho amor y cariño, es muy profesional y dedicada a sus pacientes. Cada vez que voy, veo como ella es con cada uno de ellos. Gracias a las recomendaciones de unas amistades...

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  • Testimonials: Anastasia G
    Testimonials: Anastasia G

    “I have been with Dr Fergusson for more than 5 years. I ve had issues with my teeth for as long as I remember. When I first had my consultation with doctor I was impressed that she was looking out for my best interest. We created a long term plan of actions that I needed to do...”

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  • Testimonials: Pia Tsakouagos
    Testimonials: Pia Tsakouagos

    “Dr. Fergusson and her staff are amazing! They provide the best service and have the most convenient hours. They genuinely care about the welfare of their clients. I always recommended their services to all of my friends and family.”

  • Testimonials: Ruben Velez
    Testimonials: Ruben Velez

    “Went to Real Dental Care. Had a great experience! It's like being at a spa. The staff is incredibly fun, kind, and so helpful. Dr. Fergusson is very compassionate and made me feel at ease. I have always hated going to the dentist, but now I have a dentist for life! Would recommend!”

  • Testimonials: Elsa F
    Testimonials: Elsa F

    “Fantastic office! Dr. Fergusson and her staff are very compassionate and helped me get over my anxieties about going to the dentist. I am very pleased with my treatment so far. Thanks Dr. Fergusson!”

  • Testimonials: Pat Selimo
    Testimonials: Pat Selimo

    “Hello. My name is Dr. Pat Selimo. I am a chiropractor. More importantly, my Dentist is Dr. Ninoska Fergusson. When I initially visited Dr. Fergusson's office, I was greeted with the kind of warmth from each member of her staff that I had never before experienced in a Dentists office...”

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  • Testimonials: Serban Rojas
    Testimonials: Serban Rojas

    “Going to Real Dental Care is always a pleasant experience. Dr. Fergusson's team always makes me feel welcome and relaxed. The doctor is always sensitive to my concerns and takes the time to explain my treatment. Dr. Fergusson is terrific and I highly recommend her!”

  • Testimonials: Hector Rodriguez
    Testimonials: Hector Rodriguez

    “ Finding a Great dentist is like finding a Great auto mechanic, once you find one, you keep it. Dr. Fergusson is mine. She literally helped me smile again. I've gained confidence and better dental health. At age 46, she reminded me of the importance of dental hygiene. Thanks, Dr. Ninoska Fergusson. ”

  • Testimonials: Karen P
    Testimonials: Karen P

    “Like most people I truly try putting off going to a Dental office. I had my first visit with Dr. Ninoska Fergusson and I was very happy. She was very professional and truly made me feel comfortable. You can tell she enjoys her job because of the care she provides to her patients...”

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  • Testimonials: Chris Yurecko
    Testimonials: Chris Yurecko

    “ I traveled from Bayonne NJ with my children to see Dr. Fergusson. The care and compassion she showed my youngest daughter, who is deathly afraid of dentists, is rarely seen. In the past, my older children have experienced far to many dentists who lacked the patience to deal with younger children. I will never take them anywhere else. ”

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