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A cavity is the result of the acids produced by bacteria. Similar to the damage termites cause to wood. The size and location of the cavity will determine the type of filling or even the possibility of a crown to repair your tooth.

Today, dentistry is capable of providing you with new alternatives in dental fillings to create functional, long-lasting, and natural-looking results. We offer a variety of different types of fillings (bondings), such as tooth-colored composite resin fillings or porcelain inlays or onlays.

Our goal at Real Dental Care is to provide the most conservative treatment possible. This begins with proper home care instructions, recommendations for tooth pastes and fluoride rinses, and early cavity detection through the use of digital x-rays. Also, remember that diet plays a large role, so be sure to watch your sugar intake, through foods and drink.

The sooner cavities are detected, the more conservative the treatment can be. Smaller fillings last longer and are less costly. Delaying treatment can lead to pain, higher costs, and more complex treatment.  Dr. Fergusson recommends yearly exams with bitewing radiographs and six month cleaning appointments.

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